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About the IQIP

How to Participate


The IQIP comprises sets of performance indicators for four different pattern care settings: acute care, psychiatric care, long term care, and home care. Each indicator set has numerous measures for which a facility can submit data and receive comparative feedback. Participants can use any or all of the measures in an indicator set without affecting their participation fees (provided the organization is registered to use the indicator set to which the measures belong). Decisions regarding which measures to use are made by the participating facility and depend upon each facility's performance measurement and improvement priorities - some facilities may elect to report data for all the measures in a particular indicator set, while others may select a subset of measures. It is common for new participants to select a handful of measures for the first few reporting periods, then add more measures as the facility gains experience in the IQIP and the data collection process.

Participants receive detailed training implementation manuals for each indicator set in which they are registered. The implementation manuals contain indicator rationale statements, inclusions and exclusions, data collection worksheets, and suggested data sources.

The IQIP employs a very strict method for researching and testing new measures prior to implementation. This method includes extensive literature searches, expert panel involvement in developing definitions, and rigorous pilot tests among an appropriate group of health care providers. A critical component of the pilot testing process hinges on obtaining feedback from pilot sites. Our research department welcomes inquiries about development methodology and future plans for indicator development.

Click below to download files containing up-to-date lists of measures:

Acute Care Indicators (including Ambulatory indicators)

Psychiatric Care Indicators (both adult and adolescent units)

Long Term Care Indicators

Home Care Indicators

List of all measures


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